Bridal Veil Falls. Columbia River Gorge. Photo: KGilb.

Welcome to Wild About the NW! Whether first-time visitor, long-term resident, or native son, the Pacific NW is a land of discovery. Something new around every corner . . . even when you think you’ve seen it all!

We’ve had the opportunity in recent years to travel all over the Pacific NW. We’ve seen most of the major attractions, like the Seatlle Space Needle, but have also stumbled across some “hidden gems” along the way. Our goal is to inspire our readers to get out and explore the Northwest!

Scenic beauty? We’ve got it in spades! Lush green rainforests, seastacks and sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched deserts, and the rolling grasslands of the Palouse.

Natural history and historic sites? We have those, too, ranging in “age” from Boeing’s Museum of Flight all the way back to 5000-year-old pictographs and a newly discovered petrified forest.

Are you an arts enthusiast? The Northwest has a wealth of talent within its borders: artists, authors, poets, sculptors, glass blowers, jewelry makers, and world class musicians.

So sit back, relax, and sample some of our favorites. What’s on the docket? Museums, concerts, festivals, wineries, restaurants, and unique local attractions like Voodoo Doughnuts and the Fremont Troll. We’ll also throw in a few hiking/biking trails, quirky little shops, and some urban “hot spots” to spice up the mix. And we’ll introduce you to some of the many fine products made here in the Pacific NW.