A Whisper of War II

Gun mount that housed one of two 10" guns at Battery Russell.  Photo: KGilb.

Gun mount that housed one of two 10″ guns at Battery Russell. Photo: KGilb.

Battery Russell is the military’s equivalent of a haunted house. Sounds bounce off the concrete walls, echoing through rooms shrouded with shadow. Some, like the ammo bunkers, are pitch black and strangely mesmerizing. You want so much to step into the darkness, but something holds you back. Ghosts, perhaps, or a sixth sense warning you of hidden dangers.

We spent almost an hour clambering up and down the stairs, peering into open pits, and walking the “battlements.” We wandered through deserted rooms that once held a full complement of soldiers. We tried to imagine the movement of shells as they were lifted by way of chains and hoists to the 10″ guns above. And, more than once, we teetered on the edge of a sharp drop-off just to get a better look. Fun stuff, for kids of all ages!

For a close-up view of the interior, please check out this video by puisworld.

As mentioned, Battery David Russell lies inside the boundaries of Fort Stevens State Park, less than 5 miles NE of Warrenton, OR. For a map and detailed directions, please check out the Visit Fort Stevens website.

Special Note: Battery Russell is dug into a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From the parking lot at the base of the hill, visitors must either climb a steep staircase–well over 50 steps, bottom to top–or climb a gravel road with a fairly steep incline. So, be prepared. 

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