Michael Orwick – Master of Light

One of the 40+ paintings by Michael Orwick on display at the recent Pinot and Palette Art Exhibition.

One of the 40+ paintings by Michael Orwick on display at the recent Pinot and Palette Art Exhibition.

Michael Orwick is a well known local artist with deep-seated ties to the Pacific NW. His love of the Oregon landscape is especially evident in his paintings: the lush farms and vineyards of the Willamette Valley, the rugged beauty of the Oregon Coast, the serenity of far off hills and deep forest trails.

There’s a strong sense of place inherent in each piece. As if the artist painted each landscape on site, setting up his easel at a specific time during a specific season in order to capture just the right mood. But it’s his masterful use of light that makes his paintings come alive.

Here are a few of my favorites: A Place of Sanctity, Morning Light (shy Deere), Gossamer Morning, Morning Forest, and Autumn Branches in First Light.

As you can see, his work is reminiscent of the Impressionists–where a single moment in time is caught forever by the artist in a wash of light, color, and movement. But Orwick chooses to delve a little deeper with his art, creating compelling landscapes glowing with light that also tell a story. A story meant to stir one’s emotions and maybe even conjure up some long-forgotten memories. It’s an artistic style he calls “Inspired Expressionism.”

Michael Orwick just wrapped up a one man show entitled “Pinot and Palette” with over 40 of his paintings on display at the ART Elements Gallery in Newberg, OR, as well as three area wineries. Look for him next at the 3rd Annual Plein Aire and More weekend event on the Oregon Coast. His work will be featured at the DragonFire Studio and Gallery which is located at 123 South Hemlock Street in downtown Cannon Beach, OR.

Orwick currently lives and works in his home state of Oregon. Born in Astoria, and raised in the Cascades and the Willamette Valley, he’s a true native son. Want to see more of this artist’s incredible work? Please check out his website at www.michaelorwick.com.

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  1. The art work last time, the photographer, really threw me for a loop, and this you shared with us this time is also wonderful. I love this land, and obviously so do these artists. Lovely stuff. You must travel a lot. I don’t get out much, but I’m starting to want to do it and see some of these places. Beautiful.

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