The House on Hemlock Street

Steidel's Art Gallery in downtown Cannon Beach, OR.

Steidel's Art Gallery in downtown Cannon Beach, OR.

I love this house! It has so much personality. Love it so much, in fact, that whenever we visit Cannon Beach, OR, I always find time to walk by at least once and make sure it’s still standing. But I never had an opportunity to step inside until just recently.

This whimsical old house on Hemlock Street is actually the “home” of Steidel’s Art Gallery.This is, by no means, one of those sleek glass and chrome kind of galleries. The interior is snug and warm with a burnished hardwood floor, lots of wood trim, and a wood burning stove that invites visitors to linger. As indicated by the architectural detail on the outside, this gallery is meant to be “a place of fantasy and wonder.”

Brightly colored prints and paintings cover the walls. A varied selection of greeting cards, designed by the artist, fills two long shelves along one side of the room. There’s also a sculpture or two on display. And if you look very closely, you’ll find the artist himself tucked away in the corner behind his hand-built drawing board, almost hidden by canvas, lamps, and artist supplies.

Yep, that’s him! Bill Steidel. The grizzled gent in the derby hat.

Bill Steidel has been “an integral part of the Cannon Beach arts community since the 1970’s” and is known as one of its “most enduring artists.” His love of birds, nature, high fantasy, and a pasion for flight is reflected in his work. With incredible attention to detail, he creates glowing landscapes “peopled” with fanciful characters. The kind of worlds, and characters, that touch your heart and bring a smile to your lips.

Steidel’s Art Gallery is located at 116 South Hemlock in downtown Cannon Beach, OR. Send me a note when you’ve seen it!

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