What’s On Your BBQ?

Three great BBQ sauces from the Pacific NW. Photo: KGilb.

Three great BBQ sauces from the Pacific NW. Photo: KGilb.

8/15/2012. I love the taste of barbecue.  There’s nothing better during the summer.  But I hate sitting at a picnic table, trying to enjoy a plate full of my favorite barbecued foods, with tears streaming down my face.  It’s that lusciously sweet, smoky flavor I love, not a sauce so spicy hot that it sears my tongue to a cinder.

Fortunately, there are some very flavorful sauces out on the market right now that won’t set your mouth on fire . . . and many of them are made right here in the Pacific NW.  Here are three of my favorites:

Big Tony Brown’s Mild Sauce. A little sweet, a little tangy, and with just enough heat to give it a kick.  This is the sweetest of my three favorites.  Big Tony Brown comes from St. Louis, MO, where “Barbecue is King”.  He actually learned the art and craft of true backyard BBQ from his family.  Want an even bigger kick, but still nowhere near hot enough to reach for a fire extinguisher?  Try Big Tony Brown’s Spicy Sauce.  And for those who’d like to leave the grilling to someone else, Tony also does catering.

SweetFire Barbecue Sauce. Uniquely Northwest, SweetFire is slow-cooked to perfection from an old family recipe.  With its sweet tomato base and blend of spices, this sauce would go well with almost anything you might like to grill.  Beef, pork, poultry–even fish or veggie kabobs!  SweetFire is a natural born flavor enhancer that allows the true flavor of the food to shine through.  And, bite after bite, the heat is never overpowering.

Bette Jo’s Sweet Creole-style BBQ Sauce. This sauce was created in honor of Bette Jo Rideau whose passion for cooking was passed down to her daughter, Tori.  Bette Jo’s has a sweet, smoky flavor with a little surge of heat that sneaks in right at the end.  Good with beef, pork, or poultry, it’s also the perfect ingredient for a big pot of barbecue beans.  The secret to this scrumptious sauce?  Its unique blend of West African, Western European, and Native American influences.

Warning!  Big Tony Brown’s, SweetFire, and Bette Jo’s BBQ sauces are all about flavor.  Try them just once and I think you’ll be hooked.  But if all you’re looking for is a spicy hot sauce with the fire power of a blow torch, these products are definitely not for you.

Special Note:  Can’t find these BBQ sauces at your favorite grocery store?  Don’t despair!  All three can be ordered online from their individual websites.

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