Cranberry Wine – The Perfect Summer Cooler

Cranberry wine from Pasek Cellars. Photo: KGilb.

Cranberry wine from Pasek Cellars. Photo: KGilb.

5/15/2012. Mmmm, cranberry wine. The perfect accompaniment to a traditional Thanksgiving feast, and especially good during the festive holiday season that follows. But why put it away once the holidays have ended? The tart, refreshing taste of cranberry wine is a natural pairing with the long, lazy days of summer.

One of our favorite cranberry wines comes from Pasek Cellars in Mount Vernon WA. Made from cranberries grown right here in the Pacific NW, the wine starts out sweet, but ends with a delightfully tart cranberry finish. The color is a deep, rich red reminiscent of the berry itself which makes for a very pretty summer cooler/cocktail.

Pasek Cellars’ cranberry wine is best served chilled. For a more festive occasion like a patio party, graduation, or reception, try mixing it with champagne or sparkling cider:

1. Pour 2 oz cranberry wine and a splash of lime into a wine glass or champagne flute. Top it off with champagne or sparkling cider, and garnish with 3-4 fresh cranberries.

2. Pour equal parts cranberry wine and champagne over crushed ice. Garnish with a thin slice of lime or 2-3 strips of orange zest. Serve and enjoy!

Pasek Cellars was established in 1995 by Gene and Kathy Pasek. Their specialty? Though they do offer a crisp, light chardonnay, a syrah, and a syrah port, it’s their fruit wines that have proven most popular. Blackberry, cranberry, loganberry, raspberry . . . even pineapple and passion fruit. For a complete listing of available wines, please check their wine list.

Pasek Cellars wines can be found in specialty shops and grocery stores throughout the Northwest and can also be ordered online. For a special treat, stop by their tasting room which is located just one hour north of Seattle at the Conway Skagit Barn. They’re open every day from 11-5. In addition to free wine tastings, the shop also features a variety of wine-related gifts and accessories. For a map and detailed directions, please check the Pasek Cellars website.

Whether an avid cranberry fan or someone just looking for a unique new taste, don’t wait six months for the next holiday season to begin. Cranberry wine is the perfect summer cooler.

**Special Note: Pasek Cellars is the first stop along the Skagit Valley Wine Route




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