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A Scottish Castle in Fort Worden

Alexander’s Castle is a fairy tale residence built of red brick with a crenelated tower. It was designed and built by John B. Alexander for love of a woman . . . though the woman in question never set foot across the threshold. Continue reading

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Port Ludlow’s Fete du Fromage

The Resort at Port Ludlow is hosting a wine and cheese extravaganza called the Fete du Fromage. Of special interest to “Wild About the NW” fans, The Resort will pair a selection of Washington Wines with cheeses crafted by local producers like Mystery Bay Farm, Samish Bay Cheese, and Willapa Hills Cheese. Continue reading

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Cranberry Wine – The Perfect Summer Cooler

Whether an avid cranberry fan or someone just looking for a unique new taste, don’t wait six months for the next holiday season to begin. Cranberry wine is the perfect summer cooler. Continue reading

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Scotch Broom is in Bloom!

Scotch broom is an upright shrub that grows 3-10 feet tall. During spring and early summer, they are covered with a profusion of bright yellow blossoms that are a delight to see. But don’t make the mistake of planting one in your back yard! Continue reading

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