Honey Cremes by Honey Ridge Farms

Honey Cremes by Honey Ridge Farms come in a variety of flavors.  Photo: KGilb.

Honey Cremes by Honey Ridge Farms come in a variety of flavors. Photo: KGilb.

I love cranberries!  Not just as a condiment during the holidays, but all through the year.  Cranberry tea and summer coolers.  Cranberry-walnut cookies and scones.  Cranberry-glazed salmon.  Cranberry-orange muffins.  I can honestly say that I’ve never met a cranberry I didn’t like.  So when I came across a jar of cranberry honey crème recently, I scooped it off the shelf without a second thought and carried it home.

My first taste came right out of the jar.  What can I say?  There was an explosion of flavor inside my mouth—sweet, tart, and oh so creamy.  A cranberry lover’s delight!  In fact, the first jar of cranberry honey crème disappeared so fast, it wasn’t long before I went back looking for more.

That’s when I discovered that Honey Ridge Farms offers a variety of flavored honeys.  Though I was all set to buy another jar of cranberry, I decided on apricot instead.  Mmmmm.  Though it lacked the zing of my first choice, the apricot honey crème was just as tasty.  (and disappeared just as fast)  The clover honey crème is also really good.  The perfect topping for toast, biscuits, English muffins, or even drizzled over cereal.

Next up, blackberry . . . or should I try the spiced?

Honey Ridge Farms—a family owned business located in Brush Prairie, WA—was founded in 2004.  The owners are part of a long line of beekeepers stretching back several generations.  Their honey crèmes are flat-out luscious, made with the finest fruits and spices.  They also offer a line of honey-based vinegars, grilling sauces, and honey glazes.

Their all-natural products are featured by a variety of online retailers, and can also be found in specialty stores nationwide.  Or order directly from the Honey Ridge Farms website.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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