Northwest Drylands: Seasons

Northwest Drylands: Seasons by famed landscape photographer John Clement.  Cover Art: John Clement.

Northwest Drylands: Seasons by famed landscape photographer John Clement. Cover Art: John Clement.

The Northwest Drylands is a place where land and sky seem to stretch out forever. A rolling vista where acres and acres of golden wheat flourish in uneasy harmony with prairie grass and a high desert landscape dotted with sagebrush. There’s precious little water. Dry gullies and rocky bluffs shape the land, but there’s no denying the stark, unmatched beauty that exists here. It’s a beauty John Clement knows well and has chronicled for over thirty years.

In his book, Northwest Drylands: Seasons, well known photographer John Clement shares his love of the land with a stunning collection of his favorite photos. (to see the photographer in action, please check out this short video) For the uninitiated, many of the images included in the 116-page pictorial essay will be an incredible introduction to the timeless, yet ever-changing landscape found in this unique part of the world.

Each turn of the page only deepens our appreciation of both the artist’s skill and the enigmatic Drylands. From rugged cliffs and towering thunderheads to the lonesome grandeur of Rattlesnake Mountain. From fields filled with blue-purple lupine to images of classic red barns and vineyards ablaze with autumn color. It’s all here, and a whole lot more, with narrative provided by Seattle author Richard D. Scheuerman.

John Clement is the recipient of over 55 regional, national, and international awards. His photographs hang in public and private collections worldwide, including the WSU Museum of Art and the Seattle Seahawks stadium here in the Pacific NW. His work can also be seen in a number of regional books, two of which he co-published: Palouse Country: A Land and Its People and The Wenatchee Valley and Its First Peoples.

Northwest Drylands: Seasons is currently available at a variety of bookstores, wineries, and art galleries throughout Eastern and South Central Washington. For a complete list, please check the John Clement Gallery website.

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