Bacon Lovers Festival

Jenny and Steph are the Bakin' Bacon Sisters.  Portland's 3rd Annual BaconFest.  Photo: KGilb.

Jenny and Steph are the Bakin’ Bacon Sisters. Portland’s 3rd Annual BaconFest. Photo: KGilb.

Imagine attending a cozy little block party with over 2000 of your closest bacon-loving friends and neighbors. Live music, laughter, the sizzling sound of meat cooking on an open grill. That was the atmosphere at Portland’s 3rd Annual Baconfest held last Saturday, August 13, at SE 18th and Burnside.

Bacon is the star of this festival and we found it everywhere. A Bacon Station was handing out sample plates of the crispy little strips, which made a really nice appetizer before heading over to the Mobster Meatballs booth for a mouth-watering chaser. No bacon-flavored beers that we saw–which seemed odd in this land of microbrews–but Bakon Vodka was handing out 4 oz Bloody Mary’s.

For dessert? Sugar Buzz Bakery had mini maple cupcakes with bacon sprinkles on top. The Bakin’ Bacon Sisters also had some mini cakes with bacon sprinkles, along with bacon caramel corn, bacon chocolate, and bacon krispies. And Cookie Pedalers were serving up frap cups full of maple-bacon cookies with a rich caramel dipping sauce on the side.

Fun and games included Bacon Twister, a bacon toss, and a bacon-eating contest. There were also some skateboarders doing tricks off a quarter-pipe down near the Bacon Boards table. And souvenir hunters were finding everything from jewelry and clothing (caps, t-shirts, and undies by Bacon Shirts) to novelty items like bacon bandages, bacon mints, and even bacon giftwrap!

The annual day-long bacon festival was hosted by The EastBurn Pub which is located at 1800 East Burnside Street in Portland, OR. (right next to the festivities!) Admission was only $5 per person plus two cans of food for the Oregon Food Bank.

**Thanks and a tip of the hat to local author Bill Cameron who gave me the idea for this story.  Thanks, Bill!

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