New Beginnings by Larry Anderson

New Beginnings, a bronze sculpture by Larry Anderson.  Photo: KGilb

New Beginnings, a bronze sculpture by Larry Anderson. Photo: KGilb

We ran into this dapper young fellow standing in front of Tacoma’s historic Union Station building. With a carpetbag sitting on the sidewalk beside him, we got the definite impression that he’d just stepped off the train and was looking for adventure! An opportunity to be part of something “big” up here in the Pacific NW!

The 4-foot bronze statue, entitled “New Beginnings,” was erected in 1984 as part of the City of Tacoma’s centennial celebration. A nearby plaque reads: “The statue enbodies the courage and idealism of the early men and women who arrived by rail, sea, and wagon to first explore and later build the city’s first businesses and industries.”

“New Beginnings” was created by famed local artist, Larry Anderson. In the past 30+ years, he has completed some 65 life-sized bronze statues. Though many can be found in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, others include “The Three Lincolns” in Springfield IL, “Continuum” at Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette IN, and “The Caring Call” on the WSU-Pullman campus.

Anderson has a passion for detail and historical accuracy that is evident in his work. His sculptures are enfused with energy, as if each is a scene frozen in time. And his choice of subject–ordinary citizens caught in memorable moments–is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting.

“New Beginnings” is located on the sidewalk just outside the old Union Station Building. Address: 1715 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma, WA. For a map and directions, please check out Tacoma’s Union Station Courthouse website.

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